Navy Regulations

Chapter 8
Delivery of Orders to Personnel

Section 1. Commanding Officers in General

Article  Title
0801     Applicability
0802     Responsibility
0803     Presence of Officer Eligible to Command
0804     Organization of Commands
0805     Effective Organized Force Always Present
0806     Relationship With Executive Officer
0807     Relieving Procedures
0808     Inspections, Muster, and Sighting of Personnel
0809     Persons Found Under Incriminating Circumstance
0810     Rules for Visits
0811     Dealers, Tradesmen and Agents
0812     Postal Matters
0813     Safeguarding Official Funds
0814     Deficit or Excess of Public Property
0815     Deaths
0816     The American National Red Cross
0817     Observance of Sunday
0818     Publishing and Posting Orders and Regulations
0819     Records
0820     Welfare of Personnel
0821     Training and Education
0822     Delivery of Personnel to Civil Authorities and Service of Subpoenas or Other Process
0823     Delivery of Orders to Personnel
0824     Use and Transportation of Marijuana, Narcotics and Drugs
0825     Safety Precautions
0826     Physical Security
0827     Effectiveness for Service
0828     Search by Foreign Authorities
0829     Prisoners of War
0830     Captured Material
0831     Casualty and Damage
0832     Environmental Pollution
0833     Issue of Personal Necessaries
0834     Care of Ships, Aircraft, Vehicles and Their Equipment
0835     Work, Facilities, Supplies or Services for Other Government Departments, State or Local Governments, Foreign Governments, Private Parties and Morale, Welfare and Recreational Activities

Section 2. Commanding Officers Afloat

Article  Title
0840     Unauthorized Persons on Board
0841     Control of Passengers
0842     Authority Over Passengers
0843     Relations With Organizations and Military Personnel Embarked for Passage
0844     Marriages on Board
0845     Maintenance of Logs
0846     Status of Logs
0847     Responsibility of a Master of an In-Service Ship of the Military Sealift Command
0848     Relations with Merchant Seamen
0849     Security of Magazines and of Dangerous Materials
0850     Request for Inspection by Board of Inspection and Survey
0851     Action With the Enemy
0852     Loss of a Ship
0853     Continuation of Authority After Loss of Ship or Aircraft
0854     Hospital Ship or Medical Aircraft
0855     Status of Boats
0856     Pilotage
0857     Safe Navigation and Regulations Governing Operation of Ships and Aircraft
0858     Entering a Port or Landing at a Place Not Designated
0859     Quarantine
0860     Customs and Immigration Inspections

Section 3. Special Circumstances
Subsection A. Ships in Naval Stations and Shipyards

Article  Title
0870     Movement of Ships at a Naval Station
0871     Responsibility for Safety of Ships and Craft at a Naval Station or Shipyard
0872     Ships and Craft in Drydock
0873     Inspection Incident to Commissioning of Ships
0874     Relations With Personnel of Naval Shipyard or Station

Section 3. Special Circumstances
Subsection B. Prospective Commanding Officers

Article  Title
0880     Duties of the Prospective Commanding Officer of a Ship
0881     Commissioning and Assuming Command
0882     Preparing for Sea After Commissioning
0883     Personnel Organized and Stationed



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