NavyRegs Article 0808.
Inspections, Muster and Sighting of Personnel

Inspections Muster and Sighting of Personnel0808.  Inspections, Muster and Sighting of Personnel

1.  The commanding officer shall hold periodic inspections of the material condition of the command, not on weekends or holidays, to determine deficiencies and cleanliness.  When the size of the command precludes completion of the inspection in a reasonable time, the commanding officer shall designate zones to be inspected by heads of departments or other responsible officers, and shall personally inspect at least one zone, alternating zones in order that the commanding officer inspects the entire command at minimum intervals.

2.  The commanding officer shall ensure that, consistent with their employment, the personnel of the command present at all times a neat, clean and military appearance.  To assist in attaining this standard of appearance, the commanding officer shall, in the absence of operational exigency, hold periodic personnel inspections.  Saturday inspections may be held at sea and, in port and ashore, with personnel in duty status as participants.  Otherwise, inspections shall not be held on weekends or holidays.

3.  The commanding officer shall require a daily report of all persons confined, a statement of their offenses, and the dates of their confinement and release.

4.  The presence of all persons attached to the command shall be accounted for daily.  Persons who have not been sighted by a responsible senior shall be reported absent.

5.  The prohibitions concerning weekend or holiday inspections do not apply to commands engaged in training reservists, and to other commands with the consent of a superior.

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