NavyRegs Article 0818.
Publishing and Posting Orders and Regulations

Publishing and Posting Orders and Regulations0818.  Publishing and Posting Orders and Regulations

1.  In accordance with Article 137 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the articles specifically enumerated therein shall be carefully explained to each enlisted person:

a.     at the time of entrance on active duty or within six days thereafter;

b.     again, after completion of six months active duty; and

c.      again, upon the occasion of each reenlistment.

2.  A text of the articles specifically enumerated in Article 137 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice shall be posted in a conspicuous place or places, readily accessible to all personnel of the command.

3.  Instruction concerning the Uniform Code of Military Justice and appropriate articles of Navy Regulations shall be included in the training and educational program of the command.

4.  Such general orders, orders from higher authority and other matters which the commanding officer considers of interest to the personnel or profitable for them to know shall be published to the command as soon as practicable.  Such matters shall also be posted, in whole or in part, in any conspicuous place or places readily accessible to personnel of the command.

5.  Upon the request of any person on active duty in the armed services, the following publications shall be made available for that person’s personal examination:

a.     a complete text of the Uniform Code of Military Justice;

b.     Manual for Courts-Martial;

c.     Navy Regulations;

d.     Manual of the Judge Advocate General;

e.     Marine Corps Manual (for Marine Corps personnel); and

f.     Military Personnel Manual (for Navy personnel) or Marine Corps Personnel Manual (for Marine Corps personnel).

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