NavyRegs Article 0820.
Welfare of Personnel

Welfare of Personnel0820.  Welfare of Personnel

The commanding officer shall:

a.     use all proper means to foster high morale, and to develop and strengthen the moral and spiritual well-being of the personnel under his or her command, and ensure that chaplains are provided the necessary logistic support for carrying out the command’s religious programs to provide maximum opportunity for the free exercise of religion by members of the naval services;

b.     maintain a satisfactory state of health and physical fitness of the personnel under his or her command;

c.     afford an opportunity, with reasonable restrictions as to time and place, for the personnel under his or her command to make requests, reports or statements to the commanding officer, and shall ensure that they understand the procedures for making such requests, reports or statements;

d.     ensure that noteworthy performances of duty of personnel under his or her command receive timely and appropriate recognition and that suitable notations are entered in the official records of the individuals; and

e.     ensure that timely advancement in rating of enlisted persons is effected in accordance with existing instructions.

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