NavyRegs Article 0821.
Training and Education

Training and Education0821.  Training and Education

The commanding officer shall:

a.     endeavor to increase the specialized and general professional knowledge of the personnel under his or her command by the frequent conduct of drills, classes and instruction, and by the utilization of appropriate fleet and services schools;

b.     encourage and provide assistance and facilities to the personnel under his or her command who seek to further their education in professional or other subjects;

c.     afford frequent opportunities to the executive officer, and to other officers of the ship as practicable, to improve their skill in ship handling;

d.     require those lieutenants (junior grade) and first lieutenants who have less than two years commissioned or warrant service, and all ensigns and second lieutenants:

(1)  to comply with the provisions prescribed for their instruction by the Chief of Naval Operations, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, or other appropriate authorities; and

(2)  to receive appropriate practical instruction, as the commanding officer deem advisable, and to be detailed to as many duties successively as may be practicable.

e.      when practicable, designate a senior officer or officers to act as advisors to junior officers.  These senior officers shall assist junior officers to a proper understanding of their responsibilities and duties, and shall endeavor to cultivate in them officer-like qualities, a sense of loyalty and honor, and an appreciation of naval customs and professional ethics.

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