NavyRegs Article 0824.
Use and Transportation of Marijuana, Narcotics and Drugs

Use and Transportation of Marijuana Narcotics and Drugs0824.  Use and Transportation of Marijuana, Narcotics and Drugs

1.  The commanding officer shall conduct a rigorous program to prevent the illegal introduction, transfer, possession or use of marijuana, narcotics or other controlled substances as defined in these regulations.  The program shall include publicity and instruction covering:

a.     The dangers involved in drug abuse.

b.     The Federal, state and local criminal liabilities which may result from introduction possession, transfer or use, including penalties under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and other provisions of law to which individuals may be subjected.

c.     The administrative measures, including discharge under other than honorable conditions, which may result.

2.  The commanding officer shall exercise utmost diligence in preventing illegal importation of marijuana, narcotics or other controlled substances on board the command.

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