NavyRegs Article 0830.
Captured Material

Captured Material0830.  Captured Material

1.  On taking possession of any enemy ship, aircraft, installation or other property or equipment, the commanding officer shall:

a.     adopt all possible measures to prevent recapture;

b.     secure or remove enemy personnel;

c.      secure and preserve the logs,  journals, signal books, codes and ciphers, charts, maps, orders, instructions, blueprints, plans, diaries, letters and other documents found, and forward or deliver them at the earliest possible moment to the designated authority; and

d.     preserve all captured enemy ordnance, machinery, fire-control equipment, electronic equipment, aviation equipment and other property of possible intelligence value, unless destruction is necessary to prevent recapture, and make this material promptly available for intelligence evaluation or other authorized use.

2.  No captured enemy property, of whatever description, may be kept as a souvenir or for personal use except as specifically provided by the Secretary of the Navy.

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