NavyRegs Article 0831.
Casualty and Damage

Casualty and Damage0831.  Casualty and Damage

Immediately after its occurrence, the commanding officer shall submit a detailed report of the facts to the senior officer present, the Chief of Naval Operations, or the Commandant of the Marine Corps, as appropriate, and other superiors when:

a.     a ship under his or her command touches the ground (except for landing ships or ships of a similar design making a landing without damage, or for a submarine resting on the bottom as part of normal operations);

b.      a ship under his or her command has a collision or other serious accident;

c.     an aircraft under his or her command is involved in an accident which necessitates extensive repairs, or otherwise requires review or action by higher authority; or

d.     a shore activity under his or her command incurs a serious fire or other material casualty, or serious personnel casualty occurs within the command.

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