NavyRegs Article 0835.
Work, Facilities, Supplies or Services for Other Government Departments, State or Local Governments, Foreign Governments, Private Parties and Morale, Welfare and Recreational Activities.

Other Government Departments0835.  Work, Facilities, Supplies or Services for Other Government Departments, State or Local Governments, Foreign Governments, Private Parties and Morale, Welfare  and Recreational Activities.

1.  Work may be done for or on facilities, and supplies or services furnished to departments and agencies of the Federal and State governments, local governments, foreign governments, private parties, and morale, welfare and recreational activities with the approval of a commanding officer provided:

a.    The cost does not exceed limitations the Secretary of the Navy may approve or specify; and

b.     In the case of private parties, it is in the interest of the government to do so and there is no issue of competition with private industry; and

c.     In the case of foreign governments, a disqualification of a government has not been issued for the benefits of this article.

2.  Work shall not be started nor facilities, supplies or services furnished morale, welfare, and recreational activities not classified as instrumentalities of the United States, or state or local governments or private parties, until funds to cover the estimated cost have been deposited with the commanding officer or unless otherwise provided by law.

3.  Work shall not be started, nor facilities, supplies, or services furnished other Federal Government departments and agencies, or expenses charged to non-appropriated funds of morale, welfare and recreational activities classified as instrumentalities of the United States, until reimbursable funding arrangements have been made.

4.  Work, facilities, supplies, or services furnished non-appropriated fund activities classified as instrumentalities of the United States in the Navy Comptroller Manual shall be funded in accordance with regulations of the Comptroller of the Navy.

5.  Supplies or services may be furnished to naval vessels and military aircraft of friendly foreign governments (unless otherwise provided by law or international treaty or agreement):

a.     On a reimbursable basis without an advancement of funds, when in the best interest of the United States:

(1)  Routine port services (including pilotage, tugs, garbage removal, linehandling and utilities) in territorial waters or waters under United States control.

(2)  Routine airport services (including air traffic control, parking, servicing and use of runways).

(3)  Miscellaneous supplies (including fuel, provisions, spare parts, and general stores) but not ammunition.  Supplies are subject to approval of the cognizant fleet or force commanders when provided overseas.

(4)  With approval of the Chief of Naval Operations in each instance, overhauls, repairs, and alterations together with necessary equipment and its installation required in connection therewith, to vessels and military aircraft.

     b.     Routine port and airport services may be furnished at no cost to the foreign government concerned where such services are provided by persons of the naval service without direct cost to the Department of the Navy.

6.  In cases of emergency involving possible loss of life or valuable property, work may be started or facilities furnish prior to authorization, or provision for payment, but in all such cases a detailed report of the facts and circumstances shall be made promptly to the Secretary of the Navy or to the appropriate authority.

7.  Charges and accounting for any work, supplies or services shall be as prescribed in the Navy Comptroller Manual.

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