NavyRegs Article 0845.
Maintenance of Logs

Maintenance of Logs0845.  Maintenance of Logs

1.  A deck log and an engineering log shall be maintained by each ship in commission, and by such other ships and craft as may be designated by the Chief of Naval Operations.

2.  A compass record shall be maintained as an adjunct to the deck log.  An engineer’s bell book shall be maintained as an adjunct tot eh engineering log.

3.  The Chief of Naval Operations shall prescribe regulations governing the contents and preparation of the deck and engineering logs and adjunct records.

4.  In the case of a ship or craft equipped with automated data logging equipment, the records generated by such equipment satisfy the requirements of this article.

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When will logs be electronic so they can be archived, backed up and crawled for analytics?

MattCegelske moderator

@usssocial  Many logs are electronic.  I think you pointed out the major issue.  That issue is the the lack of analytics/indexing of these logs for end user to leverage and utilize to improve things over the long term.