NavyRegs Article 0849.
Security of Magazines and Dangerous Materials

Security of Magazines and Dangerous Materials0849.  Security of Magazines and Dangerous Materials

1.  The commanding officer shall be the custodian of the keys to all spaces and receptacles containing projectiles, explosives and radioactive material and, when fitted, of all magazine floodcocks.  He or she may designate such persons under his or her command to have custody of duplicate keys as he or she considers necessary.  He or she shall prescribe conditions under which those persons may grant access to such spaces, but otherwise those spaces shall not be opened without the consent of the commanding officer. 

2.  Keys affiliate with nuclear weapons shall be maintained and with custody as directed by orders from competent authority. 

3.  The commanding officer shall ensure that, except when undergoing test or overhaul, the flooding and sprinkling systems are ready for use at all times. 

4.  The commanding officer shall ensure that flammable and other dangerous materials are stored and handled in a safe manner.

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