NavyRegs Article 0851.
Action With the Enemy

Action With the Enemy0851.  Action With the Enemy

The commanding officer shall:

     a.     Before going into battle or action communicate to the officers of the command, if possible, his or her plans for battle or action and such other information as may be of operational value should any of them succeed to command. 

     b.     During action, station the executive officer where he or she can best aid the commanding officer, and, if practicable, where he or she could probably escape the effects of a casualty disabling the commanding officer, and yet be able to assume command promptly and efficiently. 

     c.     During action, engage the enemy to the best of his or her ability.  He or she shall not, without permission, break off action to assist a disabled ship or to take possession of a captured one. 

     d.     Immediately after a battle or action, repair damage so far as possible, exert every effort to prepare the command for further service, and make accurate, explicit and detailed reports as required.

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