NavyRegs Article 0852.
Loss of a Ship

Loss of a Ship0852.  Loss of a Ship  

1.  In the case of the loss of a ship, the commanding officer shall remain by her with officers and crew so long as necessary and shall save as much Government property as possible.  Every reasonable effort shall be made to save the deck log, personal diary and pay records of officers and crew, and other valuable papers. 

2.  If it becomes necessary to abandon the ship, the commanding officer should be the last person to leave. 

3.  The commanding officer shall:

     a.     take all possible precautions to protect the survivors and such Government property as has been saved;

     b.     report to the nearest United States naval or military command and request instructions and such assistance as is required; and

     c.     report the circumstances to the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations as soon as possible.  

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