NavyRegs Article 0856.

Pilotage0856.  Pilotage

1.  The commanding officer shall:

     a.     pilot the ship under all ordinary circumstances, but may employ pilots whenever, in his or her judgment, such employment is prudent;

     b.     not call a pilot on board until the ship is ready to proceed;

     c.     not retain a pilot on board after the ship has reached her destination or a point where the pilot is no longer required;

     d.     give preference to a licensed pilot; and

     e.     pay pilots no more than the local rates. 

2.  A pilot is merely an advisor to the commanding officer.  The presence of a pilot on board shall not relieve the commanding officer or any subordinate from his or her responsibility for the proper performance of the duties with which he or she may be charged concerning the navigation and handling of the ship.  For an exception to the provisions of this paragraph, see “Rules and Regulations Covering Navigation of the Panama Canal and Adjacent Waters,” which directs that the pilot assigned to a vessel in those waters shall have control of the navigation and movement of the vessel.  Also see the provisions of these regulations concerning the navigation of ships at a naval shipyard or station, or in entering or leaving drydock.  

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