NavyRegs Article 0859.

Quarantine0859.  Quarantine

1.  The commanding officer or aircraft commander of a ship or aircraft shall comply with all quarantine regulations and restrictions, United States or foreign, for the port or area within which the ship or aircraft is located. 

2.  The commanding officer shall give all information required by authorized foreign officials, insofar as permitted by military security, and will meet the quarantine requirements promulgated by proper authority for United States for foreign ports.  However, nothing in this article shall be interpreted as authorizing commanding officers to permit onboard inspections by foreign officials, or to modify in any manner the provision of Article 0828 of these regulations. 

3.  The commanding officer shall allow no intercourse with a port or area or with other ships or aircraft until after consultation with local health authorities when:

     a.     doubt exists as to the sanitary regulations or health conditions of the port or area;

     b.     a quarantine conditions exists aboard the ship or aircraft; or

     c.     coming from a suspected port or area, or one actually under quarantine.

4.  No concealment shall be made of any circumstance that may subject a ship or aircraft of the Navy to quarantine.

5.  Should there appear at any time on board a ship or aircraft conditions which present a hazard of introduction of a communicable disease outside the ship or aircraft, the commanding officer or aircraft commander shall at once report the fact to the senior officer present, to other appropriate higher authorities and,  if in port, to the health authorities having quarantine jurisdiction.  The commanding officer or aircraft commander shall prevent all contacts likely to spread disease until pratique is received.  The commanding officer of a ship in port shall hoist the appropriate signal.

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